Mzinga Corp Tanzania ammunition

Does anyone know how this company marks their shotshells and cartridges? Apparently they make not only ammunition but also the firearms. Has anyone run across their products and may be able to share some info on them or a pic of their headstamps?


From their website:
"Sales of different products such as:-"
The pistols and pistol ammo pictured are both Czech manufactured. Perhaps Mzinga is just a sales & marketing organization, not a producer.

It is possible. I have also heard reports and a reference to a headstamp of “MZINGA” being used by them in the book “Cartridge and Firearm Identification” By Robert E Walker. I am thinking you are right that they are a retailer and not a producer.
I have sent emails to them in hope they will answer. Have any of our South African collectors heard anything on this company?

Curtis, I would not trust the information published in “Cartridge and Firearm Identification” By Robert E Walker. There are hundred of errors and headstamps that has never been reported before. There is also a Belgian report mentioning that Mzinga Corporation had an obsolete Chinese 7.62x39 production line set up in 1971 that was to be updated in 2004 with a new one provided by New Lachaussée.

There are Mzinga brand 12 ga shotshells loaded with no. 6, BB, SG, LG, and anti riot shot, but I have no idea how these are headstamped. They also have Mzinga brand powder.

Thanks Fede. Yes for sure I agree. But wanted to follow the lead in case…Could not find much on the internet on them. Thanks