N headstamp on .22 LR case

One my friend ask me to identify this headstamp on his .22LR fired case
I was able to find only this manufacturer name:

Is it correct identification?
Is it possible to translate this name and N.Y. form of ownership into English?

Thanks for any help

Treshkin–Your ID is correct. Here is some more information showing the box this headstamp was found in.

N.Y. actually is N.V. -Nemzeti Vállalat (National Company)

(Bánya)gyutacsgyár means (Mine)Blasting Cap Factoy

The “NT” in the headstamp refers to the location of the factory (Nagytétény)
The company used to produce .22 RF cartridges till about mid 1970’s.

They had some special loads over the standar .22 Long Rifle and .22 Short rounds:

.22 Long Rifle with turned aluminum bullet for cattle killer rifles
.22 Long Rifle Centerfire
.22 Long Rifle BB - a strongly primed .22 LR case, no powder charge, with a single round lead ball - this load’s name was “6 mm-es szobatöltény” (indoor cartridge, or in German Zimmerpatrone)
.22 Short Centerfire BB - a strongly primed .22 Short centerfire case, no powder charge, with a single round lead ball
.22 nailgun cartridge (.22LR case filled with powder, covered with lackuered cardboard disc)
4,5 mm betétcsőtöltény (4,5 mm barrel insert cartridge) a rimmed centerfire-rimfire BB cap.



Thanks Ron and radom1 for great comments

Ron - What is a title of the this book?

Treshkin–That was a page from The Rimfire Headstamp Guide by George Kass and myself. It documents over 450 headstamps, but, unfortunately is out of print. We published it in the 1980’s.

Thank you very much!