N. Korean Tok. Box


I’ve had this box for a few years. The headstamps were mixed; * 50 * and > 50 <. Any thoughts on whether it is Soviet clandestine production or actually North Korean would be greatly appreciated. Note the paper wrapping around the box and the unidentified stamp marking on the cartridge divider paper.


Jon, did you compare this box to your Russian ones? I do not recall having seen a Russian box with a white “cover layer”.
Thank you for sharing!


No, I have never seen a paper wrapping on a Soviet box. If I ever get a 2nd NK box (there were actually 2 when I got this one!!!) I will see if has any Russian under the wrapping.


Would it not be a lot of pain to “cover” original Russian boxes?
Or with the way such a box is made will it be possible to do so at all?


I guess it would be possible when the box was flat, before folding and stapling.
Can you identify the stamp marking on the paper divider?


I wish, it looks too fuzzy to read in case it would be Cyrillic.
Have you seen Russian boxes with ink stamps inside?


That’s my next ‘sit down and waste an hour’ task. Now I just need a spare hour.