N.P.K. Japan


What is the full name and address for N.P.K. Japan.


Ron - I have two names, but only partial addresses, for this company, both taken from shotgun-shell boxes. the first is Nippo Kogyo Compay, Ltd., Susono, Shizuoka-Ken. The street address is 1838 Chabatake. It is a Remington box, by the way, made by Nippo Kogyo under license from Remington.

The other name and adddress, again partial, is Nippo Kogyo K.K., Yokohama, japan, again taken from a box label where that is all the address given.

Sorry it is so sketchy, but it is the best I can do. I wish I could tell you who had the Remington box, but I can’t. You might email Pete DeCoux and see if he has one of these NOP - Remington boxes in his great collection.

If you get more information outside of the Forum, I would like to get it. I wrote a long article on Post-War Japanese ammunition years ago, and am thinking of updating it. The article was well-received by the Japanese National Crime Lab, although embarrassingly, they found some spelling and grammatical errors in American text (not the Japanese names).


John–Thanks for the answer. In fact, my question was inspired by that article you mentioned, or, at least the addendum to it. In the ICC Issue 319, Nov.-Dec. 1983 you listed an 8Ga. all brass shotshell by N.P.K. The listing only gave the length and headstamp. Can you provide any more info on this round?


Ron - I went thru my file, and found the document I used for that entry in my article. It lists only the information I gave. It looks like something that Jim Tillinghast might have made up - looks a bit like the style of sheets he used to send me, and like his printing. You might see if Pete DeCoux has the NPK 8 Gauge Shell. If not Jim T., I don’t know who else it could have been the one who sent me that information.


I would love to read your article John. Is it availible on the net? Sounds really interesting.


No, nothing I have written is on the net. All of my articles I have written, other than years ago when I published one article on Nambus in Gun Digest and a few in Shooting Times on other Auto Pistols, have been written at no charge for various Cartridge Collector’s Publications, like IAA, New Zealand CCA, California CCA, Australian CCA, etc.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a copy of this work that is reader-ready anymore. I have a lot of update material, some of which I have used to scribble notes, corrections, etc. on the only copy I have. I never send out stuff like that to others.

Hopefully, I will do a rewrite within a year or so. Be aware, though, that it is on small arms ammunition only, and covers no artillery, explosive ordnance like hand grenades, or anything to do with Maritime or Air Service use. The .50 BMG is about the biggest thing discussed at all, and not much on that.

I wrote the article based on the original notes of a retired Japanese Criminalist, Hiromatsu Ikeda, a very fine gnetlemen who, when he attended meetings of the Association of Firearms and Tool Examiners, used to go home to Japan thru San Francisco, and would stop in our shop to see us. On the last visit he made to our store, he left with me all of his notes on Post-war Japnaese ammunition that he had brought for some sort of presentation at AFTE. Wonderful stuff on a subject that was very much clouded, since the Japanese seldom answer any correspondence or inquiries regarding weaponry, especially government arms and ammunition.


Thanks John. I am patient and look forward to any rewrites you do down the road. Japanese ammunition on all levels is interesting.



Nippo Kogyo Company Ltd.

International subsidiary
Chabatake 1838, Susono 410-1121, Japan
81 055 992 0476, 81 055 993 2805 fax, Primary SIC: Explosives, Primary NAICS: Explosives Manufacturing
Description: Manufacturing: Production of hunting and sporting rifles ammunitions


Maybe this will help.