N.T.O.A. - "The Tactical Edge" journal

If anybody here happens to be a current or former SWAT / SRT type officer or FBI type, and if you’re in the NTOA, and… if you happen to have the “Tactical edge” journals which come with being a member, then I have a cartridge question about the spring 1988 issue if anyone has it.


Unless your question can only relate to something in that magazine, if it is a cartridge question, why not just go ahead and answer it here. If one needs a little background from the magazine in question to know the context, you could just give that background in your question.

Just a suggestion. Without knowing the question, it is hard to know if any one on the Forum could answer it in absence of having the magazine articles in question.

Yeah, I know, except my question is essentially about acquiring a copy of the article, or at least a transcript. Or asking about it’s content to determine if I would really want it. It’s a long shot anyway. The NTOA is one of those groups very protective of their newsletter, somewhat like the AFTE, but I cracked that nut. This one’s a little harder, but I’m holding out to find a member who might have the multi-CD archive. My problem is that, in terms of collecting pistol-caliber AP and AP-style cartridges (and info related to them), is that there are many references which refer to police-only publications, like “Law & order”, “Police product news”, or the NTOA journal to name just a few. There’s Ebay, but that’s a long hard road when trying to find all of the 70’s & 80’s articles & issues since these are no where near as common as say “Guns & ammo” magazine. I’ll get 'em slowly but surely.

The article in question was a police report essentially about the occurrence of homemade pistol caliber AP, and different variations thereof which were basically hollow-points with various penetrators fitted to them (illegal). I’m a photo and info hound for that kind of rare stuff, hence the interest.