"NA" in 7,62x63mm (30-06) HS


I am trying to get further info about these Austrian headstamps find in Chile. I would appreciate if you can tell me the meaning of the letters “NA” in this HS.

Thanks in advance.

Hola Claudio,

I believe that this confusing designation was originated in the 1950’s when the Garand M1 rifle used in Chile was designated as “Fusil N. A. M. 1 Cal. 7,62 mm. (.30)” (Fusil Norte Americano Modelo 1), which was a local translation of “U.S. M1 Rifle”.

This HP contract for Chile also included 7.62 x 51 mm NATO ammunition headstamped HP-71 7.62x51N.

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Thanks for your information.
In respect to the 7.62x51, you’re absolutely right, where “N” means “NATO”. I have items of these with ball (bala normal) and tracer type (red tip). The box label is in spanish.
See the pictures.

Gracias amigo!!!