Nagant M1895 ammunition boxes


I was wondering if anyone would have any images of ammunition boxes for the Nagant pistol, ideally anything that would/have been used at the time of the Spanish Civil War

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They were paper wrapped bundles and tied crosswise with a cord. I guess they are hard to find.

Not Nagant, and slightly older, but used paper wrappings do turn up…

Carbine cartridges for the danish 1867/96 Remington CF

Russian ones are hard to find I should have specified.

Probably not what you are looking for but for what its worth.

I am not sure of the age of the box. The headstamp is one of the cartridges from the box.

The box is also dated 1972.

Yes, this box was made in December 1972, just look the inscription XII 72 r, the small “r” letter is a cyrillic g, initial of “Goda”, which means year… by factory coded 38, formerly Yuryusan Ammunition Plant, then Tula, of course still active to day, under different management…


I suspected the date was 1972. Now I know the rest of the story on this box.
Thanks guys.

Also the box says “sporting revolver cartridges”. So these should be lead wad cutter loads.

Phil - on identification of Arsenal 38, I think you have the ID about location backwards. Am I not correct that “38” was originally at Tula, and then moved farther east early in WWII to Yuryusan to keep it out of the hands of the Germans? The plant was still Yuryusan at least as late as 1989, the last date for which there are any “38” marked cartridges in my auto pistol field. Makarov ammunition was made there, and only there, from 1956 until 1989, when production went to Tula. I cannot speak for other rifle, and bigger, cartridges. Once Tula was reconstituted at or near its original location, it was assigned the number “539.” This information is for those who may not know, Phil. I know that you are aware of it because I have used your great list of Russian arsenal numbers extensively in my own research.

For a time, the Tula factory, under number 539, and the Yuryusan factory, under number 38, operated simultaneously.

Till 1941 Tula was the #38. When it was evacuated in 1941 to Yuryuzan the code was used further till the factory closed down in 1989.
After Yuryuzan was closed down the equipment went to Tula.

Tula is using #539 since 1942 after it’s reestablishment.

Absolutely exact, Gents!

I am sorry that the way I wrote my post could have get you in troubles…


I was expecting to see more replies than this. This is my really bad condition packet. They are headstamped “38 38”. I’ve had it for about 15 years and haven’t seen another one, but always figured that it shouldn’t be that scarce. Wouldn’t be the first time I was wrong. I’d also love to see any other examples.

Excellent! Congratulations to that one!