NAMMO 12.7 case headstamps

I was recently afforded 5 “color tipped" 50 cal. 12.7 x 99 Nammo dummies (at least the projo’s are Nammo)
(drilled cases, snapped primer…inert projo’s)

The case headstamps confuse me

I assume they are “surplus” related (or made by Nammo for other users ??)

2 are NATO (@ 12:00) 08 FNB (bottom) headstamps

(if taken out of my collection; someone would assume them to be FNB cartridges…bullets and all)

3 are unknown to me (thus asking “you”)

12.7 @ 12:00…21 @ 7:00 (? factory code)…10 @ 5:00 (assumed year)

The “21” perplexes me

Are these cases Nammo related?

The cases with the “21” in the HS were produced by Zakłady Metalowe MESKO SA, Poland. Confirmed by .50 Cal BMG Cartridges by Fuchs & MESKO company ammunition catalog.

FN is making it’s own series of Nammo style projectiles.
Mesko who is making 12.7x99 since at least 2007 is cooperating closely with NAMMO and is using a lot of NAMMO made projectiles (various calibers) for their own loads.

These are 100% certain Nammo projos.

My Nammo source tells me they purchase cases from FN, Lapua and General Dynamics, Canada.

I still don’t understand the “21” cases (? Poland) and the tie to these Nammo dummies

so maybe MESKO has provided the cases to Nammo…and “my” dummies were made from those MESKO cases ?

I have seen Raufoss (NAMMO) 12,7mm ammunition with various headstamps. I think they get casings from different sources. I have for example seen FNB and HXP headstamps on raufoss multipurpose ammunition lately.


I still don’t understand the “21” cases (? Poland) and the tie to these Nammo dummies

so maybe MESKO has provided the cases to Nammo…and “my” dummies were made from those MESKO cases ?[/quote]

I can not say if there are cases going from Poland (yes the “21” is Mesko) to Norway but as said before they have close ties.
Mesko is advertizing all NAMMO projectiles (loads) on it’s website (not only 12.7mm): … 99-mm.html

Nammo also had a similar agreement with the Czech VTU (VTUVM) wich is going out of business right now.

My friend did say that some cases come from MESKO “mainly for Polish market”

'just one of those things that drive “us cartridge collecors” nuts !

either of these two different cases would be assumed to be Polish & Belgian cartridges…unless you knew them to be, in fact, from Nammo


I would say “case closed” (no pun intended)


MESKO’s 50’s (w/ colors) sure are “pretty”…my Nammo tips vary some from the MESKO photos (but as we know; many times a website/brochure’s photos aren’t a perfect match for production round colors…wish they were !!!

I just have to ask - by «NAMMO projectiles», do you refer to Raufoss NM140 (Mk. 211 Mod 0) or equivalents?
I have seen many creative people come up with their own explanations of the Raufoss name - one fellow on another forum spelled it as «Raufus» and believed the round came from a town in Germany!!

  • Ole

Ole, I just meant the whole 12.7mm range of original Raufoss AP variants.

What I mean ("as NAMMO) are 5 correctly colored projectiles that came directly from the NAMMO factory.

I am sorry I haven’t been able to photo them, but promise to.

(I will note the correct desigantions as they were told to me)

I presume you are too busy trying to “86” these two collectors who are drinking all the Amarone you have at home


H/S = 12.7 @ 12:00; 21 @ 7:00; 10 @ 5:00 (MESKO)

Green = Multi-Purpose NM 140F2 Grade A (Match Grade)

Silver = A/P- Incendiary - Super NM173 Grade A (Match Grade)
(22 mm steel @ 900 m)

Green/Red = Multi-Purpose - Tracer NM 160F2 Grade A (Match Grade)

H/S = 2 NATO @ 12:00; 08 FNB @ 6:00 (FABRIQUE NATIONALE)

Plain (fluted projo) = Reduced Range NM243 Grade A (Match Grade)

Violet (fluted projo) = IR Tracer (night vision) Reduced Range Grade A (Match Grade)
Trace @200 m -1000 m

As Nammo Raufoss does not produce cases for their 12,7x99 line themselves, they have to purchase them from others. Most frequently seen are cases headstamped FNB, IVI and SB. After Nammo’s purchase of the SB Palencia factory, cases headstamped + NP 14 have been noted (NP = Nammo Palencia). But many other brands have been used as well, such as HXP, TE, SMI and 21. 21 comes from Mesko, Poland, and several years after 2002 have been noted on cases loaded by Nammo Raufoss



now I want all the “other” colored tips !!! :)

be well