Nammo 2014 product catalog - version 2

Here is a link sent to me for Nammo’s 2014 product catalog of military / police ammo. Some interesting photos & data:

Great stuff, thanks Matt.

Matt, thanks for reminding us to frequently check the company websites for updates (and the new catalogs).

One would have thought that NAMMO would be able to tell apart a 5.56x45 from a 8.6x70 (.338 LM) and not show incorrect images in their catalog. For some strange reason this happens quite often with different manufacturers.
It seems the marketing people are not into ammo at all (hiring and firing people across businesses and probably having people making their catalogs which last week advertized chicken wings for a different employer) and when they do publish a document they are way too proud (kindly said) to ask one of their own technicians for approval and proof reading.

Which cartridge are you thinking of, EOD?
I noticed they used a 5,56 x 45 as the picture for their 7,62 x 51 T-NT-9.

Saw the mistakes now.
I guess we can blame this on Nammo Talley? ;-)

Last month I went to Nammo’s symposium at Raufoss, where there were many presentations concerning new ammo developments. Best of all, the three-day event was held in a large marquee at their local test range and every now and then we all trooped out to watch some firing demonstrations. Everything from 5.56 tracer (including IR tracer in a night-firing session, with a big screen next to the range showing the view through a night vision viewer) through various calibres up to 120mm, with a Leopard tank rolling up to fire HE and a Patria Nemo banging off 10 x 120mm mortar rounds in one minute.

Just a question:

Is there any newer productcatalogue out, which contains small caliber ammo (up to 12,7mm).
I have some newer brochures on specifique bigger calibers (artillery a.s.o.), but not on small arms ammo…

I knew, they sold the NM229 and NM230 ammo, to the US-Market for civilian use, but I do not know, if they had informed the buyers from the risk of metal fever and pneumonia, which showed up in Norway and Sweden at Army Training places and Nammo had to take back the ammo, and after that they made this after market sale…

Search for “Nammo Handbook” on this forum. The 5th edition of 2018, linked by bdgreen, includes small arms ammunition.