NAMMO Ammunition Handbook 2018

I just came across the latest edition of the NAMMO ammunition handbook.

I am sure the one or the other may want to have the digital version:


Thank you for sharing, Alex.
This updated Edition 5 must be different from the earlier Edition 5, because the file size is a little larger (from 3.79 to 3.87 MB).

Jochem, I noticed that too but the page number is identical and I have no idea how that works.
I saw the same with other pdf docs where the same doc has a slightly different size, usually very marginal but still.
Might it depend on the program which was used to create the pdf? Maybe the experts can tell.

PDF uses a list of pointers to the text parts and the illustrations. Changing a text block or an illustration can simply be done by adding the new material at the end of the file and change the pointer from the old to the new data location.
A reader program only displays the new data. But the old data is still in the file.

One has to take extra precautions to make sure that old data is really removed from the file, for example generating the whole PDF file anew, not just changing the existing one.

interesting documentary, I see him for the first time. Can I give it to my colleagues from the Czech Republic? (Českomoravská společnost pro studium nábojů). Thank you

Luger, sure you can, it is on the NAMMO website and free for everyone.
This is why I had posted it here so people can make use of it and follow their interests.

Does NAMMO still ship these out on request? I have the physical copies of '15 and '16 editions in my shelf, shipped for free upon request (and rather quickly if I recall) when I inquired about having some sent on my expense.


Ole, I can not really tell as for me digital is perfectly fine.

Alex and Jochem, there are only three differences between the original and updated editions:

Page 134: 155 mm IM HE-ER = “Qualified by Norwegian Government” vs. “Qualified”
Page 135: 155 mm HE-ER = “Qualified and in use by Norwegian Government.” vs. “Qualified”
Page 138: 155 mm TP-ER = “In qualification by Norwegian Government” vs. “Qualified”



Thanks a lot, Fede.

Has someone the issue for 2017?

Best regards