NATEC .223 Rem Tracers?

Are the red plastic cased .223 Rem cartridges made by NATEC tracers?


Sometimes, but not necessarily. There was an original intent to use the case color to indicate the bullet weight and type, including red for tracer, but NATEC told me that the practice had not been followed religiously, and that they would supply their ammo to large purchasers in any case-color they asked for, regardless of the loading.

Whether it turns out that all the red-cased rounds are, in actual practice, tracers, I simply don’t know.

I interviewed a lady there for an article I did on their ammo for IAA Journal.

All of the red-cased NATEC rounds I have seen have been tracers. However, I have also seen a box of NATEC tracers that were loaded in a gray case. I have one in my collection. I am away from home so can’t check it, but I seem to recall it having a date in the headstamp. ID is by an orange bullet tip. I pulled the bullet on one and it appeared to be a standared 5.56 NATO tracer. This maybe from an early test lot as I obtained it some years ago.