NATEC PCA .233 REM Identification


Need some assistance in getting the specifics, bullet weight, configuration, etc. on these NATEC PCA rounds.

I picked these up sometime in the last two years and managed to loose the note card I created when I acquired them. Any help would be appreciated.

NATEC PCA, Black case , Brass head, JHP (223 REM PCA 03)
NATEC PCA, Green case, Brass head, Green Tip, FMJ (.223 REM P C A)
NATEC PCA, Red case, Brass head, FMJ (Tracer ?) (223 REM PCA 04)
NATEC PCA, Tan case, Brass head, FMJ (.223 REM P C A)


Plastic or Polymer cased ammo


Lookie here.



I am surprised to see their website still up. My understanding is that they are now completely out of business. Is that correct?

I think Frank N., if he chimes in here, could identify all of those for you. He is pretty expert in this caliber of ammunition, and knows a lot about NATEC in particular.

John Moss


Irregarless of what my good friend John, has to say… I’m no expert in anything, except in goofing off and screwing up, but I’ll try to help.

It also amazes me that the NATEC site is still up. The last I had heard was that the facility had closed and was either in bankruptcy or receivership. Prior to that in late 2004, they were closed for reorganization, hoping for some overseas investors to step in.

To try and answer “hwbx’s” questions: The colors used by NATEC have been a question of contention from day one. Were they ever going to indicate a loading by the case color. For loaded ammunition this seems to bear fact, but with dummies, it seems that almost any thing goes. One other item that has not been constant are the mold numbers on the sides of the cases. The mold mumbers of 1 thru 8, appear on most loaded rounds, but not on all.
Why, who knows, we may never know.

Here in a what I have in regards to the four NATEC PCA items listed in the orginal post by “hwbx”

H/S: 223 REM PCA 03 Black case 69 gr Sierra Matchking #PC22369M
H/S: 223 REM PCA Green case 55 gr. Sierra Blitz # PC22355B
H/S: 223 REM PCA 04 Red case, 55 gr. tracer #PC22355RT
H/S: 223 REM PCA Tan cace, fmj 55 gr. fmjbt #PC22355F

Note: the 55 gr. fmjbt # PC22355F also appears in a grey case body
Note: the 55 gr. tracer # PC22355RT appears with and without a red tip ID


How many different colours were there ?

In addition to the colours seen in the picture, I have white, light grey and dark grey.


And I have a blue.



Frank, thank you for the information, Hugh


The colors on the NATEC cases are a real hodgepodge. I don’t know if the polymer material from DuPont was mixed on site or purchased premixed, but if it is any thing like buying paint, no two batches are exactly the same.
Here is a list of case colors that I have seem or have in my collection.

White, Black, Dark Gray, Lt. Gray, Dark Blue, Lt. Blue, Red, Green, Beige (pinkish-tan),
Salmon Pink, Tan,


They also come in at least three different headstamps!

There are also 20 and 50 round boxes, and most of the rounds have a mold number on the side of the plastic case. These numbers vary but a quick check of some cartridges revealed 1, 2, 3 and 5.

Cheers, Lew


The polymer cased ammunition produced by NATEC is part of a long line of
items produced by the same small core group of individuals going back to
Amtech International Inc. Amtech used the “ATI” h/s when they were in the states of Washington and Idaho, in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Amtech relocated to Mississippi in the mid 90’s and used the “MTS” h/s there. It was after restarting in up state New York, under the name NATEC that the new h/s: “PCA” came into use.

As far as the mold numbers go, 1 thru 8 seems to be the max.


Any idea if the