National Cartridge Co. NY Dates and info please


Can anyone tell me the start and end dates for the following address;

National Cartridge Co
1139 East 22 St
Brooklyn NY

Does anyone have a catalogue or price list from this company that lists air rifles?

Is this the same company as the National Cartridge Co in Georgia?


If National Cartridge Co. is the same as National Arms Co. it was a company in Brooklyn from 1865 to 1870 when Colt purchased them in 1870.

Or it could be St. Louis based National Arms Co that was popular for their .22s and was around from 1908 until being sold to Western in 1909,

Or it could be the Toronto based National Arms Co. that maybe also had a US office… Ask Guy Hildebrand about this company! =)

But you mentioned Air rifles, so it is most likely the company who made this:

You can see National Cartridge Company / Brooklyn on bottom side of tin.

And these:

Person who owned these said they were marketed in the late 1950s


AaronN322 thank you for your reply.

It is the company that made those BBs, as I see they are marked ‘ARROWHEAD BRAND’ and it is an ‘Arrowhead’ air rifle with the Brooklyn address (from my first post) that I am trying to date, so I guess it’s 1950’s.

Your picture also confirms that “Arrowhead” is a brand name of National Cartridge Co, and not the air rifle’s Japanese makers brand name.


You might want to review where you got the full address of the company, which includes a ZIP Code, and go grom there dating it. No ZIP codes to my knowledge in the 1950s. That doesn’t mean the company didn’t start out in the 1950s, but if that address came off your air gun, then the 1950s would be too early for that specific rifle. Just a thought. I could find nothing on the company either in my records, or on the web - the problem with search “National” is that everyone in the world has named a company that, and when you throw in “Cartridge Co.” most of the hits are for ink cartidges and the like. But, since air rifles were illegal in San Francisco all of my life - not new liberal insanity, but rather a very old law caused by kids shooting horses pulling trams and doing property damage (glass breakage) with them - I have never had any professional or hobby interest in them, so didn’t need to get much on them in my library…

John Moss


These actually say most of that address on them if you look closely.

And John is right about zipcodes. USPS did not start using them until 1963. So Then I guess it is from at least 1963.


John and AaronN322, thank you for the info about Zip codes being from 1963 onwards. That would make the air rifle (and those BBs) post '63.