National Match ammo

I am wondering if National Match ammo is collectable? I grew up on a farm, hunting, fishing, and shooting and reloading dads old brass. I still have a couple of unopened boxes of 1962 or so M72 from Lake City. Lots of brass and ammo boxes with MATCH on the side. 2 armor piercing rounds (black paint on tip) Some of the boxes say Frankford arsenal. Is this stuff worth anything?[/b]

Welcome to the IAA site, Frog!

The answer to your question is a hearty “it depends.”

If the cartons are pristine or close to that, they have some premium over other, more common, loadings. The FA ammunition will be from an earlier era than the LC and could have more value as collector material. With the n/c LC material, you may well have some shooters willing to pay collector prices where .30-06 NM ammo has not been produced for several decades. Clear photos and accurate descriptions will enable people to give you more specific answers.


Thanks for your quick reply.