National Museum of the Marine Corps, Triangle, VA

This is one of the largest and best designed and maintained museums I’ve seen It is near Quantico,VA. The present expo ends at the Vietnam War but the new addition to the building (which will double the museum) will cover USMC till present day. This museum is a must for anyone interested in the Forgotten War (Korea). Many interesting and unique items. I’ll post everything when I get back from Miami (I am catching a giant Burmese python for Jason), my travel computer is too slow. When I was looking at the M26 Pershing tank exhibition, an old Korean vet (the man next to the tank) approached me and told me the following story. He was a Pershing driver in Korea, one day he was inside the tank and some over-zealous Marine comrades of his decided to camo the back of a running tank with leaves and dry grass which promptly caught fire engulfing the entire engine section. They were screaming in panic. The driver emerged hearing noise, then he just put some internal big fans on which sucked in the flames and extinguished the fire. He got a commendation for this action. He also had a very poor opinion about tank’s radio system. I wanted to write this down before I forget the story. Again,more cool photos will be attached to this post in about 10 days.

Well, here are the rest of the pictures. When I walked in, a small Marine orchestra was playing Christmas music.

Great museum! I need to get there, but really appreciate the “sneak peek” from our museum explorer.
Thanks Vlad!

Thanks Vlad for these great pict’s …