National Stock Number on 22 Rimfire boxes

Western Cartridge Company and Remington boxes

I have a Remington Box with the same printing. Except the Lot No. is RA 94K001-024.


Here is the packing configuration of this contract:

Ctg Cal 22 LR SV (RA-95C001-058)

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As a matter of fact, the number in the first message includes a country code (01 for U.S.), which makes it a NATO stock number. The last 4 characters (A106) are not part of the NATO stock number, but the Department of Defense Interchange Code (DODIC) [or whatever its current name is] for this nature of .22 long rifle standard velocity cartridges.

Hi Jochem, DODIC is the acronym of Department of Defense Identification Code. In the US this combination of codes is known as the National Stock Number (NSN).



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Thank you, Fede for the correction.