NATO code "EF" on blank for M72 LAW - ID request


I just came across an entry of a company coded “EF” which made blank cartridges for the M72 LAW system (a trainer version I assume). Associated date is 1990.
Described blanks were supplied to the Danish Armed Forces. Unfortunately I have no image of such a cartridge (at least I do not remember to). It could well be a plastic made item like so many things of this nature (all sort of simulators etc.).
As Denmark is producing a row ammunition items itself and also is importing ammunition from around the half globe it is very difficult to determine the manufacturer.
I have checked all available lists and just found one entry on a French company:
Establie, Vincennes (Val De Marne)
Which as I understood from the web was priorly named “Cartoucherie de Vincennes” and seems to be inoperational today.

Anybody to confirm or correct?
Any images of that cartridge available?


The NATO factory code EF is a Norwegian enterprise. The Norwegian name is Engelsrud Fyrverkeri AS or Engelsrud NFI Pyrotechnics AS.Look up their website and you will see the blanks for the M72 and the 84mm Carl Gustaf recoilless rifle.


Here’s my picture of the blank we use in Norway for our M-72:

I also have the one for the 84mm Carl Gustav, but doesn’t have a picture available today. Will try to post when I get home next week.


Vidar & PSG1, thanks a lot, this solved all questions!!!


Just two more questions:
Do this blanks have a Norwegian NM-number?
How are they packed?


I’m not aware of any NM number for this blank. The box label says: 1340-25-128-4088
25 patroner -
løse, for M72

                                                                                                              Lot 03-EF-94

There are 25 cartridges in a 225x75mm box. The label translates to:25 cartridges, blank, for M72 training