NATO Country Codes c. 1965-2020

Here is a compilation of NATO National Codification Bureau (NCB) country codes approved between c. 1965 and April 2020. There are two unknown codes (10 and 69), sixteen unassigned codes (82 to 97), and two duplications (16 and 50).

NATO National Codification Bureau (NCB) Codes c. 1965-2020.pdf (120.8 KB)

Any additions and corrections are most welcome.



Fede, great list!
Is it based on official docs?

Yes, but not all are NATO publications, so there could be some discrepancies.

Edit: Updated version added including years 1997, 2005, 2007, 2008 and 2011.

An impressive list. Thank you very much.
According to a list published by Lew in 2018, number 10 is also reserved for “Unassigned (USA)”.

Edit: In view of the discussion on the other thread, I would like to mention that “modern” (1990s) Bundeswehr logistic documents use 16 for the Czech Republic and 28 for “Luxemburg”.

Thanks Jochem, I couldn’t find any list including a description for number 10. I think this information came from a Wikipedia article.



Fede, I did not see a 2006 column in your file.

So here the 2006 doc I downloaded somewhen.
Just in case.

NATO COUNTRY CODES_2006.pdf (146.5 KB)

Thanks Alex! I’m preparing an update with six additional years.

Edit: List updated.

Fede, thank you for all the work!

How do I read this? is an X affirmative or negative for that country for that year?

Difficult to answer.
If X means negative, rows 00 and 01 clearly show that the U.S. never made any small arms ammunition with a NATO stock number starting with 1305-00-… or 1305-01…, because the U.S. was not assigned codes 00 and 01.
In other words: simply look at the table and the real meaning will become obvious.

My ignorance is apparent. miss understood what these were for.