NATO Drawing of tool for drilling 9 mm cartridges

Drawing of a NATO SAA Panel tool for drilling 9 mm cartridges for pressure tests (crusher). Case is drilled using a No. 47 wick (1.99 mm) and sealed with adhesive tape. From “Manuel des methodes d’epreuve et d’inspection de la cartouche OTAN de 9 mm”.

Fede, thanks a lot!
I can not make out a date. Is there one to be associated?

Couldn’t find a date in the entire document, but I think it dates from the 60’s. Most drawings and specifications are of British origin, including an accuracy and penetration test gun using an SMLE rifle action with a 9mm barrel.

I have the complete manual, and the cover is dated 1964.

Thanks Vidar.

Fede - I am not good at reading these technical drawings. It seems, though, that this not only positions the cartridge for drilling the pressure hole in the case, but also has a built-in tool for cutting or pressing the alignment notch in the rim of the case. Am I interpreting the drawing correctly?

John M.

John, yes, you are right, the tool on top is used to press cut the indexing notch on the rim.