NATO FN 9x19 Oridinairs


can somebody give me informations about this cartridge? I find a lot of french stuff while using google.

Thanks alot.

Manual, Thanks for posting this. I have never seen this box.

The cartridge is an ordinary 9x19 NATO ball, or so it appears. This is actually a very interesting and seldom encountered cartridge. Although both the box and the case indicate FN manufacture, try a magnet on the bullet and you will immediately notice something unusual, the bullet is magnetic. In addition, FN did not fully color their primers and a close look at the style of the letters will show that they differ from those on FN produced ammo. There is no question in my mind that during the 1960s, FN, DAG and SFM produced 9x19mm with each others headstamp. I have been told by reliable authorities that the three firms had an agreement that overflow orders would be handed off to each other. This is an example of an FN order being handed off to DAG. I also have a “Geco” headstamped 9x19mm that came from SFM and is clearly SFM overflow production for DAG.

Congratulations on your find, and thanks for posting it.

You might pull down the cartridge and send us a scan of the powder, the back of the bullet and perhaps the inside of the case (from the front). I suspect these will also differ from the FN production of the period. I think I remember doing this with a dupe I had but it was so long ago, I’d never find it today.