NATO - The Identification of Ammunition (2008)


The Identification of Ammunition / Identification des Munitions
December 2008


I can’t seem to open any of these manuals. I get the site ok, and then have lots of choices. Since I don’t want to save them, mearely bring them up for a look-see and potential printing, I hit “Download.” It goes through a long procedure of down-loading, and then says it is finished, but it never comes to the screen. My only option seems to be to leave the site.

Fede, I would like to see this NATO ID document if you think it is worth printing out. It is possible to send it to me as an electronic attachment to a personal email?


John, click the “regular download” button, then choose “open”. Wait a moment till the documents opens (happens automatically with Adobe Acrobat Reader), then you can look through it and save the document if you want (for later printing maybe or justz to keep it on your hard drive).


Seemed to work OK for me, may be different with other operating systems (I have Vista). Click on Regular Download, then on Download Link, click on the print in blue. It then downloads into my download file. Click on it and it comes right up.


John are you directing where it downloads? desktop? a file on your hard drive? or even a backup hard drive if you have / use one. Can you do a find using the name of the file?