Naval Undersea Museum, Keyport, WA

This is a great museum for naval ammunition collectors and for people who are curious about undersea in general. I took photos of ammo only but there is much more stuff there like various diving gears and parts of submarines (which I didn’t include). A very long torpedo like object is Japanese Kaiten, a 1 man naval equivalent of Kamikaze plane. Six of these were attached to a regular submarine. I-58, the sub which sank USS Indianapolis, was one of the subs equipped in this manner. A pilot perished with it wheather or not it exploded (then it just sank). Never saw stuff like this before. Very cool museum. The last image is actually a Mk46 engine movie, click on it to see how it works.


Amazing pics! Totally up my alley. Thanks big time, Vlad. I saved every image for my reference collection :-)