Navy Arms .32 short rimfire case (Magtech)

Here is a not too often seen case box, a CBC produced case of .32 rimfire for Navy Arms, circa April 1990. This one is empty, and the lot number inside the accompanying 50rd box is: AQ0406 L-01 17.665 Headstamp is “V”, for Val Forgett at Navy Arms I presume.

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Neat case !
For what it is worth the 50-size here is : AQO417 L-D1 A 16 . 583
Yes the “V” was for Val.
Along with the .32 & .41 rimfires he also marked the 12/14 ga MK III plastic shells he had made for the Greener Police guns with raised “V” (9:00) & “F” (3:00). They were also made in South America. Those were made when he bought W.W. Greener’s and had no ammunition for all the Greener police guns that came with the deal.
He once told me they were the 1st successful all-plastic shot gun shells. Although some are now starting to split / crack.

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I knew Val from my time with Potomac Arms [Alexandria, Va.], and Val Jr., both very nice guys to deal with.
Here is a picure of Val Jr. at one of our gun shows, I think this was 2009, June:

Matt, very nice box, thanks for sharing.

This is much newer than it seems, since date code equals to April 6, 1990. It also pre-dates the creation of the “Magtech” brand and US company.



yeah, he looks like his dad & I’ve seen him at various shows.
Val also a Jr. also worked at Aberdeen under Col. Jarrett.
logan aberdeen library card

The younger Val pictured above is usually referred to as “Val III”.

Val Jr (Navy Arms Founder) was the lucky guy who cleared Bannerman’s Island Arsenal of all the explosive stuff. For a fascinating 38 minute video of him explaining (to a group of collectors) about his experiences, go to this page and scroll down just a bit to the link for the .mp4 video

Ok thanks. I thought the print on the box looked newer than 1980, but the source of this case had some link to info with the date as such. I often find myself using Magtech as slang for all CBC productions in the same way that I am lazy about referring to Western ammo as Winchester in general. My typical U.S. perspective originally only knew of Magtech, before learning that it was earlier CBC.

to bad it is empty, the stuff is gold today.

We had a presentation at the club a few years ago, and I have a copy of that on DVD. Cool history.
I also have an original Bannermans catalogue from about when I as born.