Navy Arms black powder shotshells

These are made for old black powder shotguns. I did not realize there was such a market for black powder. How old is this box? I got it out of nostalgia remembering going to Navy Arms shop in Ridgefield (before they closed retail end).

There has always been a good, if small, market for BP cartridges because there are so many lovely old guns still in circulation. They are always very expensive though because a) there are no economies of scale b) simplistically, and I am not getting involved in discussions over detail, BP cartridges have to be hand loaded. You can’t put BP through any sort of automated process, its too dangerous.

Otherwise, apart from the hassle of cleaning, they are beautifully nostalgic and if you get the chance to use them they are a trip back to a very different time.

I’ve never seen these before but the child warning on the box would indicate after 1961, would it not?

Some CAS shooters use black powder shells. I loaded one box (even using paper cases for added authenticity) once back when I was shooting CAS, and that was enough. Just too messy, so I went back to smokeless.

Vlad–That Navy Arms box dates from the Mid-1980’s.

Hi Vlad, these cartridges were announced as new in this ad dated March 1976: