Navy Arms Co 41 and 32 Rim-Fire

I came across a box of 32 Long Rim-Fire by Navy Arms, I assume the 1990’s production everyone on the Internet says it was made ???
HOWEVER, this product has nickel plated cases, first I have ever seen. I have seen 41 short rim-fire with nickel plated cases in the past, but first time on the 32 Long Rim-Fire.
Was wondering if there is any written history on Navy Arms production runs out there?
I know they made 22 Winchester Automatic, 32 Short & Long, and 41 Short Rim-Fires, in brass and nickel plated cases on the 32 Long and 41 Short Rim-Fire, but that is about all I have seen.
Thank you
Dave Call


I’ve seen the Nickle plated 41 Short with a copper plated bullet with a “V” head stamp. Is the 32 Long head stamped and is the bullet plated also?



Yes the case has a “V” on it and the projectile is copper clad or plated, , tth ebox is the same as the regular production. I will try to get a picture up later today.