Navy Seal Museum, Ft.Pierce,Florida (fiasco)

Probably a good museum, I don’t know, it was on my way to Miami and I drove in without checking that it was closed on Monday. I promise inside photos next time. What are the black torpedo looking things in front of the museum?

The oversized “torpedos” are their under water rides.

“Seal Sleds”…mini-subs

I visited this museum in either '97 or '98 while I was on holiday (vacation) in Florida with my family.

I bought a .357 Magnum Keyring there. That was the first cartridge I ever owned. I would have still had it now, had I not once lost my keys aged 11 at school. They were handed in to a teacher, but the .357 had been removed by someone in the mean-time.

It’s a shame you didn’t get any photos of the inside of the museum, I would have liked to have seen them.

Falcon, I promise I’ll get “inside info”, you just have to wait for a year or so.