Nazi Germany bullet need identifying

recently came across a bullet at the dump of all places and found it pretty interesting so i wanted to learn more about it. Its 20x205mm im pretty sure. The stampings on the bullet part are “ctu 314/44” and on the bottom “45 183 auz M(iron eagle symbol)1/3 X” sorry i dont know much about this topic and for the quality of the pics but its best i can do :( found

I guess the 205mm you mention is the complete lenght of the round.
The casing is quite sure a 20x138B with AP projectile, as used with the 2cm FLAK 30/38 and is called a ‘2cm panzergranatpatrone’ (or ‘2cm panzersprenggranatpatrone’ depending on the projectile)

The ‘ctu’ marking on the projectile is the projectile manufacturer: Christ u. Co., Gruenberg in Schlesien
314/44 is lotnumber 314 dated 1944

The ‘auz’ marking on the shellcasing is the manufacturers code: Polte-Werk, Arnstadt
45 183 is also a date/lotcode: lot 183 from 1945

The ‘M’ indication (not that good visible on the pictures) cold mean ‘Marine-aufname’ (depending on wether or not it is in the WaA marking)

Thanks alot i was looking around for ever trying to figure it out

Interesting find. What country are you in?


I have a similar 20mm round - mine is from Carcasonne, in France.

Same year - different manufacturer.

Thanks for posting - now I know little more about this one, too.