Nazi Mega Weapons

PBS is currently running a series called “Nazi Mega Weapons.” The first episode last night was about the Atlantic Wall fortifications, and is worthwhile watching. Especially interesting was a treatment of the naval gun installations at Trondheim. One point made was that one of the main reasons the allied forces made it onto the beaches on D-Day was that the German defenders in that sector ran out of ammunition within 3-1/2 hours. That episode will repeat Saturday. The next episode is about the sub pens on the French coast.

I thought the program was well done and showed a lot of details that most programs of this type don’t show. At one point they were showing the different types of projectiles for the big guns. There were 6-10 of each type: HEI, AP, etc. laying on the floor of the ammunition bunker. It appeared that these were still in place since WW-II ended. I find it hard to believe they had not been removed, especially the HEI rounds. I can only guess these were inert props for the filming. I’m surprised they were able to come up with that many projectiles.

Watched it last night. Thought it was good enough to miss a party I was going to.

Will look for the next episode!