NDIA Armaments Invite

I am officially inviting anyone of interest to the NDIA Armaments conference next week in Fredericksburg, VA. Agenda attached.

Here is the link to signup. It is expensive. Maybe consider 1 day for $365. Thursday is live fire demo with the USG typically bringing out an M2 and much more. Glock and Sig have pistols to shoot. Ammo to cycle is provided for free. There are lines for many of the weapons. The pistols are usually open. Last year I got 2 belts of 20 rounds through the M2.

Come out Thursday at 7:40 am to see my presentation on 40mm LV Inert Test Projectile.


armaments-program-5_28.pdf (1.7 MB)

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Very kind of you!
If it would not be the other end of the world…

Here is an older presentation of Foregin Comparative Test, which I saw yesterday. Very interesting -

  1. TRL 6 or above
  2. Developed overseas
  3. $25M budget (low), additional funding from specific agenciesfct_overview_may2014_distro_a.pdf (2.4 MB) l.p.

Jay, would love to be there this week, but other commitments are in the way.

Will you be able to post a copy of your presentation afterwards?

Larry - Here you go. Did you or anyone else have any presentations (from list above) they wanted ASAP? If I know the presenter, I could ask for advanced copy.

I welcome comments and edits. I know my detail level is low.

JMAST Technology, Inc. 40mm Low Velocity NDIA 20190605.pdf (1.2 MB)

Thank you for sharing your presentation.
In my personal opinion, too much trust is put in PRODAS trajectory predictions. There seems to be no alternative software that can set PRODAS results into perspective. I fully share your view that more testing is needed.

Jay, Thanks for the presentation. This is great stuff!

One thing I am curious about is on your slide 17 about “match” loading to +/- 1mg. Do you find that it makes a significant difference in accuracy and velocity standard deviation in a high-low system to load to tighter powder charge tolerances? I would have thought a high-low system to be less sensitive to charge variation (compared to conventional high pressure SAA loads), but I could be wrong.

I am looking again at the NDIA conference line up and will post later with some requests for presentations if you are able.

Jay, there are a couple of areas of interest that would help me out if you have access. Any of the talks on the Long Range Precision Fires program would be great to see if they are discussing the artillery (rather than missiles) and if presentations are available:

And these presentations would be great by Howard Kent:
poster presentation:


Larry - great point! Yes, we do see some improvement. I would love to preform some detailed tests. In general, I see it more of a ‘capability’ issue. If someone is trying to put a marker round in a window, they are going to do everything possible. 30 years ago, no one thought of 40mm LV as ‘tactical,’ however that term is used more and more.


The proceedings are now online at: https://ndia.dtic.mil/2019/armament/2019armament.html

As in recent years, a considerable number of presentations is not available online. To my surprise, the presentation given by Jay Bell is among the missing presentations.

MAST Technology, Inc. 40mm Low Velocity NDIA 20190605.pdf (1.2 MB)

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Larry - I asked the presenter - it was pulled for being too good!