NDIA conference presentations on ammunition, 2014

National Defense Industries Association 2014 conference- JOINT ARMAMENTS FORUM, EXHIBITION & TECHNOLOGY DEMONSTRATION: dtic.mil/ndia/2014armaments/ … ments.html

Various presentations on ammunition etc. by Nammo, Rheinmetall, General Dynamics and others.

two in that list by my son under his mothers previous name

Thanks Brian, now we can know what he spoke on.


Do you ever get any feedback from your son on the exhibits and demonstrations? Or is it a situation of what you see here stays here?


Hi Brian
On this we did get a bit of what went on with one program the “think outside the box” one, as we drove down to have dinner with him & but typically we get nothing of what goes on. All though several years ago we got an on-base visit & his mom forgot her drivers license so no ID to get through the front gate, but she still got in without. So much for security. But to be fair I’m sure they knew she was his Mom & I had a valid reason / “permit” to visit under my business.

Information presented at this NDIA conference is not confidential (there are some NDIA meetings which are), and most of the PowerPoint presentations are routinely put up on the web (but of course, these don’t include all of the details given by the presenter). The ones for the past few years are still available.