Nearly forgot this box from the show

Aguila IQ Intelligent Bullet?
The HP looks to be swaged, with a straight wall, and it is DEEP at .5"/12.71mm, and 2155"/5.47mm wide, with three ‘slits’ in the jacket, (aluminum?).


So what makes it intelligent?

It speaks Spanish.

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If you label your headers with info from the box, you’ll be able to find your post faster years from now, if you’ll need the topic. Also, the experts will be more likely to look at your post and add valuable knowledge to the discussion.



7-Mike_Martinez_-_Aguila_IQ_Ammunition.pdf (3.7 MB)

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Mayhem, that was my question… maybe they put a small amount of brain tissue in there?

Vlim, so… it acts like a hollow point bullet designed for self defense… wow, why have we never seen THAT before [sarcasm may or may not be noted].

Looks like you failed to read the description provided.

They say it acts like a frangible on soft targets and like a normal bullet on hard targets.

I repeat:

I fail to see the need of adding dumb remarks disguised as sarcasm here. There are many websites where one can post nonsense at will.

My sarcasm was not disguised in any way, I am sorry you cannot appreciate the joke, your lack of humour is noted.

Your lack of intelligence duly so.

Ah, Vlim, your attempt to insult me shows your intelligence, and makes me laugh… again, I am sorry that you cannot accept the humour.

Waste someone else his time please.

Well, I for one, am having fun, so my time is not wasted! ;-)