Neat Yugo Tokarev Box

Just got this box that contained ball rounds with a “nny 1977” headstamp. I only had the headstamp on a dummy so was happy to get a ball example. The label is the interesting part. Of the 16 different Yugoslav Tokarev boxes in my collection, this is the first that contains no Cyrillic at all on the label. Is it just Croatian?


Hi Jon,

It is written using the Gaj’s Latin alphabet adopted by Serbia for the romanization of the Serbian cyrillic language.

Same label was also used with cartridges headstamped ППУ 1986.



Let me just say that Yugoslavia used the Latin alphabet in its military pubications. The language was callled Serbo-Croatian at the time. My impression is that cyrillic labels were used for export. I once saw U.S. troops firing Yugoslav ammunition from AK/AKM rifles, which had cyrillic labels.

Jochem, publications in Latin and ammo and box markings in Cyrillic - usually.

Why? Good question!

Some of the 1986 boxes came from wooden boxes repainted in Poland with new markings in Polish language, but the original markings were written in Serbian latin, just like the 70 round box.

I checked all my PPU boxes and the only other I could find so far using this alphabet is a 7.9x57 Sniper box from 2011. Igman also made a few boxes using this alphabet.

I guess I must not have seen a 1986 box. I don’t collect my Tokarev boxes by year or headstamp, just label, color, or material differences.


Interesting, I would keep that variation, if I find one. My label has serifs on lines 3, 4, and 5, yours does not.