Necessity is the mother of invention


I had noticed over the past few years while researching the pistol AP laws of various states, that many states would also throw in laws about 12ga shells with Bolo, Flechette, and “Dragon’s breath” loads being restricted. Though I doubt the frequency (if any) with which these state laws are enforced, I just noticed tonight that one enterprising shotshell manufacturer has designed a bolo shell to get around the wording of the laws in IL & FL. With regard to Bolo loads, the wording in those 2 state laws says that two projectiles joined by a “metal cable” are restricted. So Paraklese Technologies made a load with 2 3/4oz lead balls connected with a Spectra or Kevlar type cord, so as not to be metal. We can all speculate as to the genuine utility of such a load as far as what it’s intended for, and whether they are worth using, but it’s at least funny to see such an innovation. Kudos to this guy:

Now we just need the guy from the “Box-O-truth” website to test the original steel-wire version bolo load against this new Kevlar cord type to judge the terminal damage differential ;-)


Necessity IS a Mother!! If you go back on GB and look at what OTHER rounds this fellow makes, it will amaze you. When I get back home, I’m gonna have to look him up for some of his rounds since he’s not too far away.


I know, in 12ga he makes a Magsafe style compressed / prefragmented slug load, a tri-ball bolo load on wire, API slugs, AP slugs and a multi buck & slug ball load. On his website he makes a variety of non-lethal loads, and also a breaching load. I first noticed him around a year ago when he started making 2" shotshells.