Need .30-06 Military bullet types

Well guys, the newbie needs some help. I am doing a 2nd Amendment poster for school (which they were OK with, surprisingly) and it will have an image of an M1 Garand with several clips of ammo. However, I am looking to put in a bit of detail and I am looking for the types of bullet that were loaded in military .30-06. I would like pictures, however, I do not need the whole bullet from a pulled round. (As in, all I need is a picture of a loaded round as I need the whole loaded round). Also, no blanks please. I need this done by Friday, so it would be helpful to have these done as quickly as possible.


I would guess that to represent the varieties of Cal. .30 ammunition regularly issued in clips for the M1 Garand rifle you could include Ball, AP (black tip) and API (silver tip). I don’t recall seeing examples of Tracer (red or orange tip) or Incendiary (blue tip) loaded in clips, but there may have been some.

Here are examples as in the order above and an enblock clip full of AP.


Edited to add pictures.

Tracers were loaded in 8-round Garand clips. A nicely painted ammo box for these, clearly 100% tracer appeared at one of the continental cartridge meetings a few years ago. However, I cannot envisage what the purpose of them was.


I believe that all of the cartridges shown except for the Cal .30 Incendiary M1 were packaged in 8-round Garand clips.