Need 7.62 x 39 Expert request

I have received a request from a U.S. legal firm trying to locate:

“…an expert who is knowledgeable about surplus ammunition
(1960s) specifically 7.62x39 ball ammo for AK-47 Assault Rifles. We
want to know about stockpiles of this ammunition and availability
around world. We are focusing in on the ammo that would work in
weapons that are found in Afghanistan- so primarily the weaponry that
the Soviets left behind when they withdrew from Afghanistan in 1989.
Also, we are interested in someone that can identify headstamps.” [presumably 7.62 x 39]

Anyone willing to talk to the legal people, please contact me by PM.
Note that “expert witnesses” normally charge fees for their services beyond an initial discussion period where it is determined if they meet the client’s needs but before getting into any specifics, with an hourly rate plus any travel expenses. Fees are in line with what lawyers charge.