Need a pics of a confirmed FN made 7.62NATO stripper clip

As the title says I need some pics of the standard 5 round FN made stripper clip for 7.62NATO ammo.

I need a pic of the following
Front with spring
Front without the spring
Spring sperate from the clip

I want to see if I can find any unique manufacturing differences with the clip. I have a heap of ex-Indian ammunition clips that look similar and I want to try and see if some of them are FN made.

Anyone have some clips they know have come from FN ammunition?

Late to the party, but I have stripper clips that I personally pulled from 1950’s FN 7.62mm NATO in sealed boxes. Do you still need photos? It will be about two weeks before I can get access to a camera. Better yet, if it won’t turn us both into international arms smugglers (I’m in the U.S.), do you want a sample?. I may have an empty box around somewhere, too.