Need a quick ID on a box of 7,92x57mm

I just received a box of 50rds of 7,92mm in trade and am not exactly sure what they are. They are B.P.D. 953 with a green tip and green P.A.
Here are some pics.

The only other things I can tell you are that the bullet jackets are magnetic, the bullets weigh 180grs, and the cartridges contain ‘stick’ type powder. …So I certainly do not believe them to be ‘drill’ cartridges. The exposed core of the bullet at the base looks like lead.
I have not been able to find any info via internet research, and I am currently stumped.
Any help would be greatly welcome.


Your 7.9 x 57m/m cartridges are a product of Bombrini Parodi-Delfino, of Rome, Italy. It is believed the the various 7.9 x 57 m/m Loads from the period around 1953 were made for Egypt, although while I accept the common wisdom on this, I have never seen any real documentation to prove that.

Your rounds ar Armor piercing, denoted by the green tip and primer seal. Other loadings contemporary to yours, of the same make and caliber, were ball, tracer, dummy, grenade launching, and blank. Your rounds ar enot dummies - they are live. Oddly, there is a dummy-AP from this series, the 1953 production, with the same characteristics as your round except the inert rounds have an “O” impressed on the primer cup. I have one of these in my own collection, but don’t know particulars about why they were made. Probably for exhibitions, I would think.

Thanks John!
That’s good news. I was hoping that they were AP, and thought that perhaps they might be since the only other green tips I am aware of, the FN, are AP as well. Unless they are particularly valuable as a collectors item, I will likely shoot a few of them.
Oddly enough, I also picked up a 15rd box of Polish 1938 blue tipped ‘PS’ ammo at a recent gunshow, and was able to find a lot of info about it over at …But I couldn’t find anything at all about Italian 7,92 of any kind. Not even Breda. …Go figure.

thanks again John,

You should have been able to find BPD on the Headstamp link from the IAA Home page.

Oh yeah, I did find that. It was the first place I looked actually. I just forgot to mention it. …But I could not find anything else about them anywhere.

Sorry I left that out, I guess I use that link so often that I don’t even think about it when I do.


Interesting. They used the boxes from the drill cartridges.

I also have the same dummy round that is pictured in dutch’s photo.

I have very poor information about this round and other post war 7,92 x 57 italian cartridges

Pivi - I don’t think most of us have great information on these post-war 7.9s from Italy. We are pretty sure that most of it went to Egypt, but as I mentioned, I have not seen any real documentation to that - not saying there isn’t any, just that I have never seen it, although I have made inquiries about these. I have all of the loads that are shown in the BPD catalog contemporary to when they were made. I also have some of the boxes as shown. It surprised me when I got all my dummy rounds - a full box, plus more than a hundred extra, how few Europeans were familiar with it.

I don’t think any of them were made for use in Italy or by any Italian organization, so don’t feel bad that you haven’t much information on them.

I would welcome documentation on this thread for who they were made for, if anyone has any. Not speaking of mention they are for Egypt in magazine articles or books. None that I have read give any documentation for that information.

According to my notes, the spanish FNP (F