Need a technical sectional drawing of 7.62mm M80 bullet

The references I have show a ‘generic’ sectional drawing of the 7.62mm M80 bullet which lack extensive measurement details.

Can anyone provide a copy of a good technical drawing?



The National Armoury Library at Leeds has in Box NT2, folder 19 a 1958 version of U.S. drawing 8595669 of the M80 bullet.
You will also find U.S. drawings from 1955 of the M59 bullet (7553745), its iron core (7553746) and the M62Tracer bullet (7553758).
In folder 20 there is a drawing of the M72/M118 Match bullet from 1958 (8595434).

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Thanks JP, unfortunately I’m not in England which makes accessing these drawings a bit problematic.
Hopefully someone will be able a post a drawing here on the forum.


I have a copy of the Lake City Product manual. It has dimensioned drawings of everything. Second image is the alternate bullet.

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Excellent! Thank you very much for taking the time to copy and post these dimensional drawings.

Historically speaking a scan/pdf of the Lake City Product manual would be an important addition to the IAA Forum/IAA Member section.


Several years back I mailed a CD copy (a very large file) of the LC product guide PDF to IAA, never saw it mentioned afterward.

Well - that’s a bummer!