Need advice on new book. Please

My main focus is on 7.62x54r and the wildcats and other sporting cartridges based on them. Is there one book that is considered the definitive work on the 7.62x54r?

Maybe the book by Chumak? … chumak.php

Thanks, that should keep me going for awhile.
Thanks, Kevin

Thanks… got a copy coming as well… gonna have to brush up on my Russian… I just hope there are a lot of pictures :D

Not a self-advertisement, but may be some picture of these articles also could be interesting for you:

or all 3 articles at:

Also short article about Short range cartridges you may find in IAA Journal 457 (September/October, 2007)

Also a good source is the site of Yuri Bushin: … 1%8B%D0%B5