Need early versions of Mid-Std 1461-Listing of US ammo codes


I have posted on my website free downloads of Mil-Std-1461E (1990), Mil-Hdbk-1461 (1998) and Mil-Hdbk-1461A (1999). These are great reference documents and I’d like to make more available. I know that Mil-Std-1461D (1980) exists and am told there is also a 1975 version of this Mil-Std. There should be versions of the document from basic 1461 and revision 1461A, B and C.

I also understand that Ammunition Procurement and Supply Agency APSAP 746-1 dated 1973 may also contain the codes and that there is a MIL-L-9835 dated 1957 that may have been an earlier version of this information.

Does anyone have any of this information, either printed or digitized???

Any willing to share???

Please let me know.



Spent some time looking for updates of mil-stds, etc, and ran across this list. Huge amount of info on US military specs, standards, handbooks, etc.