Hey guys, I’ve got a question regarding the value of a 2-piece box of Peters High Velocity 12 gauge #5 Shotshells. The box is solid, has all the labels, is of average wear, and the cardboard (not labels) has darkened. The front picture depicts the mighty Blue Bill duck in flight. In the box are 25 original high-brass 12ga. #5 bright blue paper loads, along with the original Peters box insert/pamphlet over the shells discussing the importance of “helping your local game farmer.” The box has ONLY the Peters Ohio address, and NOWHERE is ther mention of DuPont, therefore leading me to believe that these are pre '34 shells and box. Anyone have any more information as to value?


Shotshell inthusiast are few-and-far-between here, though there are some, and most will be reluctant to place a value on things. Your best bet is to look at dealer sites and auction sites to see what others are asking for like examples. Keep in mind, an asking price is not a selling price… not necessarily the true value to everyone, just the seller.