Need Help ID

Picked this up in St. Louis and can’t remember what it is.
Headstamp ( RWS 8x68s )


Is it some sort of EOD disruptor?

Something like the M174 50 bmg?

Electrically primed (squib) “rocket wrench” blank. Usually the mechanism, “rocket wrench” clamped on the top of a spin off artillery fuze set to “unspin”. (Unscrew) the fuze faster than it can arm/blow up the projectile. I don’t think the H/S means a lot other than country and even then I think I’ve seen US, Canadian, Israeli and I’m not by the collection or notes

@Pepper this one is in 8mm. Were any of the rocket wrenches made that small?


Assumptions get us all in trouble

Now it becomes question for the EOD guys as I am familiar (in my collection) with 12 ga and the aforementioned .50 cal electrically (wired) initiated rounds

I have not seen a wired 8 mm (now I’m disappointed I didn’t beat you to it at SLICS)

I will be very surprised if it is not for a sensitive application where the preferred safety of wire length is warranted

maybe connected to this?