Need help idenifying Flobert headstamp

Hi; newb here. I’m trying to develop an inventory of the cartridge collection my father left me. The headstamp on one of the rimfire cartridges has me stumped. The cartridge is a 9mm ball rimfire Flobert with a raised stylized “F” on the head (please see 1st picture). The only headstamp I can find that resembles it at all is the Cartoucherie Française “CF” mark that is shown in the 2nd picture. The “F” in the “CF” headstamp on that 6mm long cartridge (photo from looks very similar, but not identical, to the “F” on my Flobert cartridge.

Does anyone have a cartridge with the same “F” headstamp or know the cartridge manufacturer and approximate date that the “F” headstamp was used? I sincerely appreciate any information I can gather on this cartridge. Ed

F is for Cartoucherie Francaise

[quote=“jeanpierre”]F is for Cartoucherie Francaise

Is it the info you wanted ???

Yes; thanks!
Sorry I was slow replying; I was away from my PC. Ed