Need help identifying please

Found some ammo that I think may be Korean made and possibly 30.06 rounds. But I want to get confirmation on it or find out what it actually is if I am incorrect. If you know ammo stamped with KA17, KA27 please let me know. Thank you for your time.

correct, Korean Arsenal
not 17 and 27 but (19)71 and (19)72


Do you know a way to figure out if it is 30.06?

measure the case length, should be 63MM

Very typical head stamps of Korean manufactured 30-06 cartridges, boxer primed non corrosive. The ammo was imported in the late 1990’s, was available both linked for Browning 1919 MG use and in 15 round boxes.

The “conventional wisdom” that I’ve seen is that Korean KA is corrosive, PS is non-corrosive.

Your mileage may vary, but the 70’s dated KA ammo I’ve tested has all been non corrosive.
Fired a lot of it in my 1919a4 and M1917 HMG in the past.
Can not say the same for 60’s dated KA ammo.
Yes, the PS stuff is all non corrosive.

Greg, do you have a picture of a 15 round box? I’ve never seen one or was aware of its existence.



Sorry, no.
It was a long time ago, and I shot the ammo up years ago.
All the KA ammo I ever saw came in 30 caliber ammo cans, and it was linked for MG use.
I forget what surplus dealer I was buying from at that time, I think it was Paragon, but can not be sure.
I ordered 10 250 round cans, and one can was received with the ammo not linked but in paper 15 round packages. I did not complain, as there were 18 15 round packages in the can, or 270 rounds.

Thanks for your response.

Thank you all.