Need help identifying this bullet (possibly fake)

S&B (or S&G9)
markings above.
might be fake, found it on the street.

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S&B = Sellier & Bellot, Prague, Czech Republic
15 = Year the cartridge case was produced
9P = 9x19mm Parabellum

Do you have a complete unfired cartridge (cartridge = cartridge case + bullet i.e. unfired loaded cartridge) or do you have a fired cartridge case?

A photo would help!



Thanks for the photo and the information supplied above applies to this cartridge case.


some more photos.

looks pretty old

also going by what you said, so it must mean this cartridge has been produced in 2015?

The cartridge case was produced in 2015 and it was most likely loaded as a cartridge in 2015 but the case could have been loaded at a latter date if the case was surplus to the manufacturing needs in 2015.

Why would it be fake?

This case was fired in a Glock handgun (17, 19, 26 or other 9x19 model).



Your cartridge case is legit, I couldn’t find any characteristic that make me believe otherwise. First of we have the inside, you can see the burned primer, which looks like a berdan type and is consistent with a small arm of that caliber, on the outside you can see the primer has what looks like a firing pin impression very characteristic of the Glock pistols like @tennsats said, and I also agree the headstamp info @bdgreen gave you even thought I hadn’t seen that specific variation personally. All things considered it’s pretty normal to find out recently fired cartridge cases lying on the ground are dirty both in the inside and the outside.

for the primer type ,i see a boxer priming


thought it might be a prop, then i asked my mom and she said that she found it in the street she proved me otherwise, forgot to update the post.

it is not a prop
maybe a shooter place this case in his pant pocket and for some reason the casing fall out of his pocket
what the town where the case found ?