Need help identifying two old cartridges

hey there. just a disclaimer before i get into it. im very new to this so sorry if i dont provide enough information for you to help me.

i found two cartridges in my yard in poland. one if them is 53mm long and is rimmed. the rim appears to be about 14mm in diameter. i thought it could be a 7.65x53mmR but im not sure. it has a “913” on the back

the other one is 50mm long and there is “1906” on the back along with what appears to be a “GR” logo. the rim is 14mm as well.

i have no clue if these are german or not. any help is appreciated.


Hello and welcome aboard.

The one on the left is an 8x50R Mannlicher made in 1906 by George Roth (Austria). I cannot recall if the I is the month (Jan) or the quarter (Jan - Mar).

The one on the right is a 7.62x54R but I do not know the country of origin.

Thank you very much. I thought it was a 7.65x53 and not a 7.62. I think it is from Finland but my research isn’t perfect.

The 7.62x54R is a Russian one.

Do you know the manufacturer Alex?

I think it is St. Petersburg.
We need a better image of the headstamp.

913 stands for the year 1913. So the requested better image needs to show the other part of the head better.

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Problem is, the rules on the forum say i can’t post more than one image. Thank you for the help. I’m happy with knowing the origin of these. However I noticed something that looks like a “k” on the right side of the headstamp.

Not more than 1 image in a row without others replying. Means you can now.

Thanks for letting me know ! Unfortunately I cannot get a better shot of the head of the cartridge. I’ll try tomorrow in natural light when it’ll be day.


Hope this might help.

We would need a high resolution, can you try to not reduce it ?

Do you have a flat bed scanner or access to one?

Not really…

Below is a portion of a list showing SOME (not all) of the 7.62x54mmR headstamps from Russia (USSR). This list can be found here:

Note the headstamps with a three digit year in the blue rectangle, also note the additional markings on these headstamps at the 3:00, 6:00 and 9:00 positions. Keep in mind there are possible variations of these types of headstamps that may not have markings at all four points on the headstamp or have variations in the markings at the 3:00, 6:00 and 9:00 positions (if I correctly understand the information I’ve read thus far concerning early Russian headstamps).