Need help identifying

Hey, in a newly purchased property I found a bullet in one of the sheds. I have both the casing (dead) and bullet. I have been looking to try and see what it is and have had no luck. On the bottom it says “MF 85 F4” if anyone knows what this or anything about it, or what kind of gun fired it your information would be much appreciated. Cheers image|690x517

Sounds like a 7.62mm x 51mm NATO Ball made by the Small Arms Ammunition Factory, Footscray, Australia in 1985.

You’re image didn’t load but based on the headstamp, I’m assuming that it is Australian made 7.62x51mm ball ammunition.

MF - Footscray, VIC
85 - 1985
F4 - ball

There are numerous weapons chambered in this calibre, as it is a standard NATO round.

Here’s an example made in 1987…

Jim beat me to it - I guess I’m slow at typing!

Interesting, which version is it. Apologise for the poor photos.



Cheers guys, really appreciate it. Happy to know a bit about it 🙂 and the version I have is the bottom one with the F4