Need Help in Identifying 3 Cartridges and Headstamps


I just received an email asking if I knew what 3 cartridges were and from the headstamps who manufactured them. They sent me pictures but they were pasted into a Microsoft Word file so I can not submit a link to the pictures. They are sending me new photo’s of the 3 cartridges but I sure could use your help as to what they are.

Cartridge #1
Total length 3.136 in; brass case length 2.156 in
Projectile width .259 in
Barrel width .446in
4 8

Cartridge #2
Total length 2.81 in; brass case length 2.59 in
Projectile width .308 in
Barrel width .450in
A 3

Cartridge #3
Total length 2.796 in
Projectile width .457 in
Barrel width .308in

US 1843


I think that it is about following cartridges.

1° = 8x58R Danish Krag
2° = 7.5x55 Suisse
3° = .303 British (18 = 1918, No metallic cartridge in 1843!)


pierrejean Thank you for your reply. I thought that the one was 303 British and that the person had read the headstamp wrong. Again thank you


Cartridge number 1 is not a 8x58 Danish Krag but a 6.5 x 55


And the date on the .303 could be 1943.


1943…NOT if it was a “US” (US Cartridge Co, )which ceased operations in 1920s, taken over by Remington.
USCCo made .303 for the British Gov’t during WW II, and its headstamps were “US 17 VII” or simply “US 17”

The Only other “U” marked cases are “U diamond” ( Kimberley Mint, South Africa) which were marked “U diamond 1943 VII”.
“U” on its own on .303 was Pretoria Mint, South Africa, similar headstamp layout.

What is the Primer diameter? if it is close to .250" (6,35mm) (1/4 inch) it is South African; if it is a large rifle (Boxer) US primer, it is .210" or 5,3mm ( US manufacture)

When asking ID of cartridges, a Photo would be of immense help, along with the measuremtns ( which are difficult to ascertain correctly)

Doc AV
AV Ballistics.


DocAV–I’m sure it was just a lapse of memory, but United States Cartridge Co. was taken over by Winchester, not Remington.


Doc thank you for the additional information. I did try to load pictures but the pictures the person sent me were part of a MicroSoft Word file so I was not able to load them. I will email the person and get an answer regarding the primer and have the pictures sent to me as JPG’s.


USCCo made .303 for the British Gov’t during WW II, and its headstamps were “US 17 VII” or simply “US 17”… Doc AV
AV Ballistics.[/quote]

Many of these ended up in the Spanish Civil War, with 1915, 1916 and 1917 dates.


I’m sure if you email the file to someone, they could upload the pictures for you.


Right click on the picture, copy, paste into Paintbrush, save as a jpeg. Upload to Photobucket or whatever host you use.