Need help in identifying-plastic cases


I have 2 unknowns as compared to a 9mm. I have been told the red plastic cartridge was a contract for US Military (.38 Spl). No idea what the empty white plastic one is.

Any help is appreciated. See photos below.




the white one is a casing for one of the first bb plastic bullet gun

the gun “look like” an M11 in 380 but i don’t remember the manufacturer (daisy ?)

The white one is a .375 dye-marker rd from Para Ordnance. It would’ve had a red paintball in it originally, but these are known to fall out when the paintball gets old & dried up, os it ends up looking like a primed empty plastic case.

The red one, to me, appears to be one of the .38 practice cartridges that fires a plastic “bullet” a short distance, powered by a shotgun primer.

I can’t say if the U.S. Military provenance is correct or not.



Ray has the red one correct and I can add it was made by Colt as an experimental / developmental project for an unknown to me, end use. Perhaps for the quick-draw folk but I don’t think it was sold to the public like the Speer, & Winchester-Western plastic bulleted practice ammo was. Perhaps the manufacturing costs were high as these use more plastic that the Speer & W-W?

A dark green variation is also known.

Thanks to everyone who responded!

I really appreciate the knowledge and the willingness to share.