Need help locating a .55 boys anti tank bullet casing. And prices

I need help deciding whether I should purchase a .55 boys armor piercing bullet casing or buy another kind of big casing from wwII. By the way, can anyone tell me ballpark of how much a casing could be?


Not sure how anyone would hep you to decide whether to purchase a .55 Boys vs anything else given the price is around the $25 - $45 mark. If you collect British military then it would make sense to. There are many, many other potential WWII era cartridges which could be bought for that amount, many experiential .50BMG, and various other MG cartridges out there.

That’s high for a standard Boys AP round, and a fired case should really be in the $5.00 range. They just aren’t that scarce.

Over the past several years, whenever I see a .55 Boys come up for sale on Gunbroker or wherever, it is a $25 to $40 thing. There is a 5rd clip listed for $225 at the moment - seems high obviously.

We are making 55 Boys brass for a customer and if you want an extra piece we can make one for you. They are $11.18 each and we will be making them within the next 30 days.

I haven’t seen any at Walmart in a long time :-)

That is a good price as you can make other calibers from that case.